Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist?

No referral is required, except for: - Medicare /EPC / CDM - DVA (Veteran Affairs) - WorkCover / iCare - Motor Vehicle Accidents / CTP

How long is an appointment?

All appointments are 30 minutes. Please request a longer appointment if you feel you may need more time (additional cost involved).

What do I bring? What should I wear?

  • Doctor’s referral, if provided.
  • We have gowns and shorts available, if required, for your comfort and privacy.
  • Reports and films from Xrays, MRIs, Ultrasounds, or any other appropriate investigations
  • Post-op protocols from your specialist, if applicable
  • Loose light clothing.

Is my treatment covered by Medicare?

Generally no, but some patients may be eligible for up to five treatments per calendar year under the Medicare EPC / CDM program. Ask your GP if you are eligible.

Is there a discount for pensioners or Health Card holders?

No, unfortunately there is no discount available.

Does my private health fund cover my treatment?

If you have Extras cover you will generally have some rebate for physiotherapy, but it’s best to check with your fund. We provide HICAPS transactions for eligible patients, so if you are covered you will have to pay only the gap.

Do you offer acupuncture or dry-needling?

Currently, we offre only Dry-Needling treatments.

Do you treat vertigo/BPPV and TMJ/TMD?

Yes, Simon Prior is trained to treat vertigo and BPPV, and TMJ/TMD.

Can I buy or hire items from you?

Yes, we have a wide range of moonboots, crutches and other items for hire. We also stock a wide range of treatment products, such as braces, heat/cold packs, exercise band and balls, etc.

Do you fit casts to broken limbs?

Yes, we can fit fibreglass (waterproof) casts to arms, wrists, ankles and legs.

Do you treat SIRA (icare or CTP) patients?

Yes. Once you have your GP's referral, book your initial appointment with us and we will sort out the necessary paperwork with you. Your treatments will be invoiced directly to your SIRA insurer.

Do you treat patients under Department of Veteran Affairs?

Yes. Please obtain a referral from your GP, and book your inital appointment with us. Treatments will be charged directly to DVA.

What does a treatment session involve?

At your initial consultation, your physiotherapist will ask you some questions regarding your problem or injury, and carry out some tests (eg., range-of-motion and strength) to obtain a diagnosis. You will then receive treatment appropriate to your condition - this may involve, for example, hands-on treatment, stretches, and exercises. Your physiotherapist will discuss with you whether you require a follow-up session. If so, this will normally involve progressing your current treatment program.